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FPZV Approved Stallions


For the approval of stallions to the FPZV studbook a variety of confirmations is required – please contact the FPZV office for details, here is just a short survey

- x-rays taken by universities, or clinics/veterinarians specialised in equine medicine
- Fox gen test
- Veterinarian confirmation

These documents are to be presented upon registration for approval.

Only the offspring of "Hengstbuch I" stallions will be entered into the foal register and full papers will be issued.

During the past few years change has occurred within the stallion list. Some of the listed stallions have ceased their breeding career, others have been sold or have passed away and some are no longer active for the FPZV. In order to prevent trouble, we urgently recommend to choose a fully approved FPZV stallion for mating.

In case you should decide upon a stallion not listed in "Hengstbuch I" please be aware that an additional fee of 150 € will be charged by the association for the issuing of full papers. And please keep in mind that any plans for a breeding or show career might be negatively influenced by the fathership of a non-approved stallion.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact either the FPZV office or our breeding director.

FPZV-Geschäftsstelle • Burger Hauptstr. 14b • 35745 Herborn-Burg • Tel.: 0 27 72 / 924 238 • Fax: 0 27 72 / 924 239
info@friesenpferde-zuchtverband.de oder info@fpzv.de • www.friesenpferde-zuchtverband.de oder www.fpzv.de